How big brands are changing the world one logo at a time

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How big brands are changing the world one logo at a time

The world right now is facing a huge amount of uncertainty, which we are all feeling the effects of. But despite all this, artists and designers of famous brands are harnessing their talents to spread positivity and powerful messages to their customers.Major global brands have tweaked their famous logos to encourage everyone around the world to adhere to social distancing precautions.

McDonald’s, Audi and Guinness are amongst a few brands who have re-designed their logos with a twist to spread the message worldwide.

In New York City, Coca-Cola took to Times Square to broadcast their message, while in Brazil, Mcdonalds, separated their prominent arches and shared that even though they are separated for a moment, they’ll always stay together.

This design idea has become popular due to the recent spread of COVID-19. Social distancing means standing 1.5m apart from others in an effort to lower the risks of spreading and catching the illness. The creativity, thought and passion behind these brands goes into wanting to help and educate in any possible way they can, using their customer base to spread the message fast.

The message has been communicated clearly amongst all of these brands, whereby they are providing a real, meaningful service. Companies like GAP and Louis Vitton are making masks and scrubs for health workers. As well as, alcohol companies like Bunderberg and Beenleigh Rum are manufacturing hand sanitizers for the use of the public

This goes to show that brands really do care, and it’s an enlightening thing to see.


Invisible branding is something that we’ve seen pop up a lot recently, and Guinness has certainly adhered to this ingenious design. They’ve managed to create their own, with the aim to deliver and reiterate the simple, important message of ‘staying at home’ that is being heard across the world right now. This clever technique is perfectly placed to create an optical illusion of a drink of Guinness with the signature creamy foam head being substituted with a sofa.


Amongst the other brands of spreading the worldwide message, Audi was another brand that has jumped behind the wheel (pun intended). The automaker tweaked theirs to display their 4 iconic intertwined circles, separated. Combined with the tagline ‘Keep distance, Stay Together’.


Hanging high above (the now deserted) Times Square for all to see, is Coca-Cola’s latest response to the worldwide pandemic. Typically celebrating unity, togetherness and love in their ads, they are now showing all the letters of their classic logo, separated, with the warming tagline of ‘staying apart is the best way to stay connected’.


The family-orientated restaurant has responded to the global outbreak with a new logo too. Depicting their famous golden arches apart to symbolize social distancing.


Similar to the other brands, Volkswagen promoted social distancing where the ‘V’ and ‘W’ from their well-known logo are separated. Whilst, thanking people who are taking the measures seriously in order to combat this crisis.


Nike is also another brand who have responded to COVID-19. But, this time, they didn’t change their logo. Instead, they just simply launched a large social media campaign encouraging people to stay active inside. They successfully included their global roster of star athletes including American golfer Tiger Woods and NBA star LeBron James.

Social distancing measures do mean that the world now has to change and adhere to these demanding conditions, to help prevent the spread and keep people safe.

Practice social distancing, hand hygiene, cough etiquette every minute of the day,” Australia’s Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy said.

We can’t have anyone breaking the rules, being stupid, being cavalier and not taking this seriously.”

And to echo what brands are saying, please stay safe, and just remember, this isn’t forever.

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